22 June 2011

Final Five Photos from NH

None of these photos fit into broad categories but deserved to be posted.

Craig in the water at dusk. This photo doesn't quite capture the magic, but you get the idea.

Maceo attempting to learn how to "lounge" with the grown-ups. I guess his life is not stressful enough to master the art of unwinding.

Now that is a real "outie" - peaking through the onesie!


Uncle Niko (renamed Uncle "Tito" by Maceo) wearing an incredible bat mask.

dance, dance revolution!

Of course no family weekend would be complete without some serious dancing. Hana, Craig and Maceo took the prize for best in show.

A Very Cool Project in the Making

While frolicking in the water, Craig found a HUGE birch tree that had fallen into the lake. Upon closer inspection, he discovered that the bark was all coming off in huge sheets, revealing an amazing deep orange and red underside in addition to the beautiful textured white exterior. He carefully removed all the bark, cleaned it with a scrub brush (with assistance from Mira) and tenderly set it out to dry. We are still in the brainstorming stage, but we think we are going to try and figure out a way to affix the bark to the risers on the stairs in our new house. Other creative ideas?

Sweet Boy

Just when I think Maceo has crossed the line from baby to boy, I am reminded that 18 month is hardly a boy. I adore these photos. Thanks Craig.

Arts & Crafts Hour

Hana and Mira were in charge of arts and crafts hour...followed closely by cocktail hour. From Maceo's serious face, we suspect the adults may have had the most fun.

Just Plain Cute

Maceo on his 18 month birthday!

Flashback in Time: Rustic Adventures of the 40's

We all agreed that something about these canoe photos conjured up images of country vacations in a bygone era. Or one of those "historical" photo-shoots available at the fair. I think is is some combination of the lighting and Hana's tanktop and Mira's shorts...

New Hampshire Fun

Last weekend we went to New Hampshire with the "Aunties and Uncle" (really cousins) for some family bonding. Lots of fun was had by all.

07 June 2011

Keeping Cool at the Playground

Maceo met up with his buddy Asher this afternoon to play in the sprinklers at the local playground. The unexpected surprise was getting to ride the Department of Parks and Recreation safari vehicle! I swear he had a bathing suit on but all of the best moments seem to occur when he is just stomping around in his pampers. As you can see, Maceo seems to be a natural behind the wheel!

01 June 2011

More Water Fun

Memorial Day Weekend

We headed up to New Hampshire over the long weekend to spend some time with Grandpa BaBob and Grandma Judy. Despite the promising forecast, the weather was super steamy and intensely buggy. As a result, there was not as much time by the water as we planned. But as you can see from the photos, Maceo remains thoroughly entertained by water. And cold water at that. He experienced his first - albeit inadvertent - baptismal submersion after a little tumble, but recovered quickly and didn't loose any of this enthusiasm.